So as many of you know, I've been telling you that I'm applying to craft fairs and the like, but the reality is I've chickened out a little. It just seems so... intimidating. I mean, you need so much stuff - tables, chairs, canopies, and a way to transport all of it from A to B. Just thinking about it makes me anxious and my head starts to hurt.But I've heard from other artists and crafters that it's a must for growing one's business. So I branched out in August and applied to a place called Craftland! Why this one? Baby steps, people. Bear with me. It's a consignment craft fair in Providence. I send them stuff, they sell it for me, and for their troubles they get a portion of the profits. What a glorious thing.The application process was relatively easy and luckily I got in! I was super thrilled when I heard. Since it's so big (160 crafters) they asked for specific items and in this case my e-readers. So I streamlined what I would offer (which was a headache in itself) and sent them off last week. Even if I don't sell any, I figure it's great exposure! The show opens November 23rd, 2012 and if you're in the Providence area, check it out!

Rag placemats...

I've been doing a little more ripping lately and after inhaling a little too much fiber dust and practically coughing up a lung, have decided to wear a mask while doing this wonderful activity. And banish our cats from the room, due to the large amount of threads that come off the rags. I guess this is the occupational hazards of the job...?

After a stint of rag rugs, I decided to switch to placemats. One of the first things I made when I first got my loom 8 or so years ago was a set for my sister and since I haven't made any since, I thought it time to revisit that idea!

I decided to use a mercerized cotton flake for the warp to give some visual interest.

Yarn Co...

Often I buy fiber off the internet thinking it's one thing, just to get it in the mail and find out it feels totally different than what it is. Such is the life of buying tactile things in a not so tactile way. So I've started to scour the NYC area for various yarn stores. It's really hard to find spools for weaving, but there are lots of sources for knitting. 
Recently I went to The Yarn Company, the boon being that they are close to my apartment and also sell high quality yarns. I found this really great 100% merino wool. So soft, naturally dyed, knits up quickly. 

Perfect for last minute Christmas gifts!

Mr. Chubby Lumpkin....

Hi friends! Sorry to be MIA - I guess between Thanksgiving and preparing for this launch party, I've been a bit distracted.

So in order to distract you, I've got a really great "photo story". This one is about a really cute chubby lumpkin of a squirrel that lives at my parents house in CT. My mother likes to call him "that stupid rat", but I personally think he's adorable and quite ingenious, given the circumstance. Anyway, here we go!

Mr. Chubby Lumpkin has been noticing that, although it has been unseasonably warm, he has been feeling the urge to eat everything in sight. Seeing that "those stupid humans" (apparently it goes both ways, mom :), have refilled that crazy looking contraption for the gaggillionth time, he decides to pick up a few seeds on his way home from a hard day on the job. Except this time, they have forgotten to close the sliding mesh thingy! Oh joy! he thinks. Is it my birthday??

(Personally, my favorite. The "caught red handed" pic.)

And the end.

Launch Party!!!

Exciting news! I would like to announce a launch party for my new home-grown business! I'm extremely excited and delighted to be presenting my new line of goods on December 4th, just in time for the cold weather and holidays.

I'll be putting together a little party at my place from 3pm-6pm. If you'd like to come, just RSVP to:


And if you'd like to see a small sliver of the stuff that will be there, check it out here!

Can't wait to see you!

You'll poke your eye out!!!!

Oh, friends. It is almost close to that wonderful (or hated, depending on who you are) holiday season. The other night I was gently reminded of the famed A Christmas Story, the movie beloved by all, although I still maintain that my family knew about it before yours and before it was played on TBS non stop Christmas Day. Seriously. My folks are from Cleveland. We represen'.

So, I was sewing together some really sweet pillow cases that involved knitted samples and felted wool, when all of a sudden, my sewing foot got caught on the knitting - although I didn't realize it at the time - and BAM! the needle broke into three pieces, with the center piece hitting me one inch from my right eye. 

Dear sweet jeebus. I have this severe worry that I'm going to loose an eye one of these days, either by cat claw or rouge needle.

And of course that was followed by not one, but three separate needles breaking.... One mangled in the base plate:

Took a good amount of force to even get the plate off. Ooof. Guess I was just having a bad day....