You'll poke your eye out!!!!

Oh, friends. It is almost close to that wonderful (or hated, depending on who you are) holiday season. The other night I was gently reminded of the famed A Christmas Story, the movie beloved by all, although I still maintain that my family knew about it before yours and before it was played on TBS non stop Christmas Day. Seriously. My folks are from Cleveland. We represen'.

So, I was sewing together some really sweet pillow cases that involved knitted samples and felted wool, when all of a sudden, my sewing foot got caught on the knitting - although I didn't realize it at the time - and BAM! the needle broke into three pieces, with the center piece hitting me one inch from my right eye.Β 

Dear sweet jeebus. I have this severe worry that I'm going to loose an eye one of these days, either by cat claw or rouge needle.

And of course that was followed by not one, but three separate needles breaking.... One mangled in the base plate:

Took a good amount of force to even get the plate off. Ooof. Guess I was just having a bad day....