I love process. The methodical, labor intensive act of setting up my loom is what draws me to do it again and again. It requires a great deal of planning, attention and time. There is a cascading effect to the choices I make. While things can be fixed, it is difficult to right a wrong dye color or threading sequences when you’re already mid-weave and I enjoy the challenge of fixing or accepting the mistake. That’s the beauty of making something hand made. 

Although I use many techniques, I primarily combine weaving and dyeing to create art. Dyeing is like blending chemistry and watercolor painting (both loves) and weaving gives me the opportunity to have a tactile relationship with my art. Learning a new technique, no matter how ancient/difficult/time consuming, often fuels the inspiration that I use to create pieces.

As a little girl, I was always making something. My mother taught me construction and art techniques and my farther instilled a curiosity to fix (cheaply) and find out how things work. So it’s no surprise that at university, I studied Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design. In my last semester, I took a fibers course on a whim and immediately fell in love with it. Today, I spend time in the studio either on my floor looms or with dye pots to create objects I hope you will enjoy. 

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, son and two diametrically opposed cats. I am lucky to create my work in a much-loved studio in Industry City.