Oh, how time has flown by. I hope this isn't too terribly late, but I just wanted to wish y'all a very: hny-1


So as many of you know, I've been telling you that I'm applying to craft fairs and the like, but the reality is I've chickened out a little. It just seems so... intimidating. I mean, you need so much stuff - tables, chairs, canopies, and a way to transport all of it from A to B. Just thinking about it makes me anxious and my head starts to hurt.But I've heard from other artists and crafters that it's a must for growing one's business. So I branched out in August and applied to a place called Craftland! Why this one? Baby steps, people. Bear with me. It's a consignment craft fair in Providence. I send them stuff, they sell it for me, and for their troubles they get a portion of the profits. What a glorious thing.The application process was relatively easy and luckily I got in! I was super thrilled when I heard. Since it's so big (160 crafters) they asked for specific items and in this case my e-readers. So I streamlined what I would offer (which was a headache in itself) and sent them off last week. Even if I don't sell any, I figure it's great exposure! The show opens November 23rd, 2012 and if you're in the Providence area, check it out!

Homemade Paper Perforation

While I was creating a few prototypes for an upcoming craft show, I accidentally sewed a piece of felt to a piece of cardstock. It was one of those head slapping doh! moments that left me shaking my head. But as I was tearing the cardstock from the felt - it tore so easily - a light bulb went off. If I take out the thread of  my sewing machine, I have something that will punch holes at an automated rate! And if I change out the needle for a bigger one, I could not only perforate paper, but leather and who knows what else.... Anyway, here's a few pics:

(I found the 2mm to tear the best.)


I'm back (again)!

Hi all! I know I've been a little MIA as of late, but never fear - I'm back! The BF and I were in Maine for three weeks and it's been crazy since we've gotten back. Very exciting things happening over here, and I'll be updating the blog with some back stories. In the meantime, this is what's been happening! -I just got the new website up and running. Very excited about having all the flexibility I could ever want or desire in something like this. And let me tell you, I learned way more than I ever thought I'd know about HTML and CSS. Good times. Tell me what you think!

-New products that will soon be uploaded to etsy!

-Exciting-life-changing news (involving the BF and myself) - we're gettin' hitched!

So stay tuned for any or all of the updates....!

Trunk Club

I recently heard about his interesting service called Trunk Club. It's a personal online shopping service for men. When I told my boyfriend about it, he immediately went online to sign up. Then a personal shopper on their end contacted him saying they would have a phone meeting to chat about his clothing style.You're all wondering, "How did I not think of this?! How did it take this long before someone put this into practice?!" I know. It's genius. Most men hate going to stores to shop. It's hard to get him to look on clothing online. And as much as I enjoy shopping, sometimes he fights me on the clothing I think looks good on him. Enter the third party of Trunk Club.

He just got off the phone with his personal shopper. The "trunk" arrives in a week! We'll see how it goes!



Sweets for my sweet...

After another 2 week long work trip, my boyf is coming home! So I thought I'd make him some macarons. Apparently I'm out of practice. I 'macaronaged' a little too much and then cooked the egg in my lemon curd filling. Tough day in the kitchen. But that's okay. The wafers taste good on their own!


 I went to the Brimfield show last Friday and picked up a boat load of doilies and a darling green glass juicer. I've been looking for a glass juicer for a while. It's hard to find nice green glass, especially with a sharp reamer, so I snatched it up quickly!