It started with suspending a double weave between two sides of a frame. As I attempted to glue the four sides together, the top kept popping off. So, I turned the sides inward and the resulting triangle became “Collapsed Horizon”. Because honestly, sometimes your beautiful view folds in on itself and hopefully you’ll see the beauty of it as time passes. From there evolved the other polygon shapes in this family [soon to come!]. 

Seep and Fade

When applying dye to any fiber, whether a cloth or single strand, the rate at which the water flows can vary depending on the temperature of the room, humidity, and - I'm convinced - one's mood. A dye comprised of different primary colors can cause various results at the edge: blue sets first, then red, and yellow flows out last. The result is creeping, seeping colors that blend, mix and flow into and fade out of each other.  


Clouds, Sunsets, Storms

When I first started painting warps, subject matter did not come easily. I did pattern and color study, but I grew bored. So I pulled a Brian Eno Oblique Strategy card to help with my artist block. The card? "Don't be frightened of cliches." I laughed, let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding and painted some clouds. Then I tried some sunsets. There's a reason that at the time of this post there are 185,000,000+ posts on Instagram with #sunset.