Rag Rug Pillows

Today I was taking inventory of all the things I've made; stuff that I haven't taken pictures of, things that need to be sold, materials yet to be used. It's been a crazy day.

I have these 26" square pillows on the bed that don't have pillow cases yet. I picked up a couple of the rag rugs that haven't sold yet and threw them over the pillows and holy crap they look awesome! Maybe a new line of pillow cases??

Open for business!

Hi all!
I just opened up shop... check it out!

Please forward to anyone who may be interested. And don't forget to like me on facebook!

And of course, thank you for being supportive and dealing with all my email blasts, requests for "likes" and of course for purchasing my wares. My friends, acquaintances and family members are awesome!!!! Without you, it could not be done.


Launch Party!!!

Exciting news! I would like to announce a launch party for my new home-grown business! I'm extremely excited and delighted to be presenting my new line of goods on December 4th, just in time for the cold weather and holidays.

I'll be putting together a little party at my place from 3pm-6pm. If you'd like to come, just RSVP to:


And if you'd like to see a small sliver of the stuff that will be there, check it out here!

Can't wait to see you!