Weekend walk

This weekend, the boyf and I with our friend JL went to our friend's country home in PA. They live on a bajillion acres of land with a lovely stream that passes through and eventually feeds into the Delaware.

Besides it being only in the single digits, it was a lovely weekend!

Mr. Chubby Lumpkin....

Hi friends! Sorry to be MIA - I guess between Thanksgiving and preparing for this launch party, I've been a bit distracted.

So in order to distract you, I've got a really great "photo story". This one is about a really cute chubby lumpkin of a squirrel that lives at my parents house in CT. My mother likes to call him "that stupid rat", but I personally think he's adorable and quite ingenious, given the circumstance. Anyway, here we go!

Mr. Chubby Lumpkin has been noticing that, although it has been unseasonably warm, he has been feeling the urge to eat everything in sight. Seeing that "those stupid humans" (apparently it goes both ways, mom :), have refilled that crazy looking contraption for the gaggillionth time, he decides to pick up a few seeds on his way home from a hard day on the job. Except this time, they have forgotten to close the sliding mesh thingy! Oh joy! he thinks. Is it my birthday??

(Personally, my favorite. The "caught red handed" pic.)

And the end.

Gray, gray go away!

Do you know how hard it is to get good product pictures when it's gray out? And I'm not talking a little cloud coverage here - I'm talking big nasty gray clouds that won't even let a little bit of light in.

A little cloud coverage can be quite helpful when taking photographs. They say that for your wedding day or any outdoor event, nothing could be better since it prevents people from squinting. But this ain't no outdoor party I've got going here.

I guess the etsy page will have to wait one more day.... grrrr.