I'm back (again)!

Hi all! I know I've been a little MIA as of late, but never fear - I'm back! The BF and I were in Maine for three weeks and it's been crazy since we've gotten back. Very exciting things happening over here, and I'll be updating the blog with some back stories. In the meantime, this is what's been happening! -I just got the new website up and running. Very excited about having all the flexibility I could ever want or desire in something like this. And let me tell you, I learned way more than I ever thought I'd know about HTML and CSS. Good times. Tell me what you think!

-New products that will soon be uploaded to etsy!

-Exciting-life-changing news (involving the BF and myself) - we're gettin' hitched!

So stay tuned for any or all of the updates....!

Produce bags!

You know how you have a project to complete, but all it needs is that last little thing that you can never seem to get yourself to do? Let me introduce you to my produce bag project. Everything has been done on these bad boys, except for one small itsy-bitsy piece of hardware that has been missing: the cord lock.

Oh cord locks. Let's just say that I accidentally bought 100 cord locks that wouldn't work, not to mention the cord to go with it. Sigh. When will I learn to spend a little more for small quantities before buying the whole lot? Anyway, those are for sale if you're interested.

And these produce bags are for sale too! Check them out here.

Rag Rug Pillows

Today I was taking inventory of all the things I've made; stuff that I haven't taken pictures of, things that need to be sold, materials yet to be used. It's been a crazy day.

I have these 26" square pillows on the bed that don't have pillow cases yet. I picked up a couple of the rag rugs that haven't sold yet and threw them over the pillows and holy crap they look awesome! Maybe a new line of pillow cases??

Audio Vole!!!

Today I'm plugging my awesome friend's website Audio Vole. The purpose of their site is not to rate musicians and albums, but to promote dialogue about what's going on and who's who. It's a democracy, of sorts. It's pretty awesome. 
Oh. And I might have designed the logo so this is also a shameless plug for myself. But that's totally secondary. It's been a while since attempting anything graphic design related, specifically logo centric. I forgot how hard it is. Seriously. There's so much to think about, and even more that I don't know. So I dub today, Graphic Designer Appreciation Day and if you know one, pat one on the head and say, "Thank you. I appreciate what you do, and it cannot be done by all."

Produce Bags!

I shop at farmer's markets and certain grocery stores that are make me feel genrally good about the food I'm purchasing. One thing I have been aching for are produce bags. I loath using plastic bags because they are so wasteful and make me feel generally icky. (I have a complicated love-hate relationship with plastic.) I've been looking for some that are light enough that they don't add money to my bill, but aren't completely boring. The latter being surprisingly hard to find.
Since I went on a supply buying binge, I found these ready-to-dye produce bags.
Via my supply site

I can not wait for them to come in the mail. And one more package to help solidify befriending the UPS Ground guy. 

Are you kidding...?

In a previous life, I worked for a really amazing design firm as a product design engineer. So it has been ingrained in the last several years to critique every product that comes within my vision, ear shot or grasp. So I couldn't help but post this picture of tacky high heeled tape dispensers. Are you kidding me?! 

Cathartic rags....?

Rag rugs are one of the best things for me to do specifically when I'm feeling all fired up and need to get out some agression. Why? Because you have to [expletive removed] tear whatever old fabric - I like to use retired sheets - into a gaggillion strips. It can be time consuming, but cathartic. And if you don't have any agression to take out, it can be fun to do while watching, say, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom because you just happen to stumble upon a Thanksgiving marathon of such Spielberg movies.
This one just happens to use a very well worn Ralph Lauren men's shirt-inspired fitted sheet. I seriously loved this sheet set, but it was time to retire it to the rag rug bin.
 And it makes for a pretty sweet looking rag rug in it's second life. 

Launch Party!!!

Exciting news! I would like to announce a launch party for my new home-grown business! I'm extremely excited and delighted to be presenting my new line of goods on December 4th, just in time for the cold weather and holidays.

I'll be putting together a little party at my place from 3pm-6pm. If you'd like to come, just RSVP to:


And if you'd like to see a small sliver of the stuff that will be there, check it out here!

Can't wait to see you!

Gray, gray go away!

Do you know how hard it is to get good product pictures when it's gray out? And I'm not talking a little cloud coverage here - I'm talking big nasty gray clouds that won't even let a little bit of light in.

A little cloud coverage can be quite helpful when taking photographs. They say that for your wedding day or any outdoor event, nothing could be better since it prevents people from squinting. But this ain't no outdoor party I've got going here.

I guess the etsy page will have to wait one more day.... grrrr.