Today's Inspiration

cast_iron It's always shocking when I notice something that I didn't before and it's been there the entire time. I've passed it day after day and perhaps took it for granted? In this case, something as simple as the subway grates at my stop... how cool is that pattern??

Botanical Garden

We discovered the New York Botanical Garden a couple of weeks ago. The boyf's mother came into town for his birthday and she inquired about seeing the Monet Garden exhibit. Neither of us had been there, and it sounded intriguing, so we set out for the Bronx. 

It's hard to express the beauty of it, as cheesy as that sounds. I'm not interested in showing sweeping pictures of the entire exhibit, because that feels wrong somehow. Go see it, if you're in town; it's open until October 21. The greenhouse is amazing. And to have all the flowers in bloom and at the same time inside the greenhouse, well I can only imagine what sort of biological-greenhouse-feat it took to do that. If you go in October, tell me if all those flowers are still magically in bloom!

I fell in love with the crepe-like texture of this Clematis. And I was strangely entranced by the reflecting pools they had.  

Look at the striping on these beauties.

Technically this one isn't part of the exhibit, but I just had to show it. I'm think it's a staghorn fern and it grows from the ceiling (or attached to other plants) in tropical climates. Holy crap. It is so alien. I LOVE IT!

Sweets for my sweet...

After another 2 week long work trip, my boyf is coming home! So I thought I'd make him some macarons. Apparently I'm out of practice. I 'macaronaged' a little too much and then cooked the egg in my lemon curd filling. Tough day in the kitchen. But that's okay. The wafers taste good on their own!

Busy, busy...

"Diane Von Furstenberg debuts the first wrap dress" via Impact CFDA Timeline at FIT

Sorry to not be posting. I've been busy with all those "life" things that get in the way of creating. You know like preparing taxes, going to the free Museum at FIT with a friend, starting tap lessons again... going to a sheep shearing. Okay, so that last thing hasn't happened yet but it will hopefully tomorrow and when it does I am going to flood this website with pictures. Watch for it.

Lego Lion

I was recently at the NY Public Library. I (gasp) had never been inside before and went with a couple friends who were in town. Besides seeing the awesome ceilings and amazing wood work, there were two lego lion sculptures by Nathan Sawaya at the entrance. They use more than 60,000 standard gray lego blocks. 

Look at that texture! Yum. I really wanted to touch it, but the security guard at the door was eyeing me somethin' fierce.