Stoppin' traffic

I have a confession. My attempts at getting truly vibrant colors have been futile as of late. When I mean vibrant, I mean so vibrant that it makes your eyes hurt because the color looks like it's physically moving the medium it's in.

But recently it seems the tides have turned. And of course I didn't even mean to do it. Isn't that always the way? But this neon orange - I'm sorry, we should really call it traffic cone orange - looks pretty awesome. 

Today's inspiration....

...comes from one of my favorite antique store I've mentioned before: The Chicken Barn! This old 8-track player presented itself - it folded onto itself like a brief case and with the eight track player at top. The speakers had this funky woven fabric over top.

Don't you just love the color combo? I might have to lift it directly for my next woven piece!