The post I never thought I'd post

Socks sits behind my machine while I sew
When you start a blog, you forget that you might have to post a few personal, possibly embarrassing things. You know, like how you have a Ren & Stimpy memorabilia collection, or that you really really love flannel sheets. Or that, if for any reason you find yourself alone in life, you will become that crazy cat lady.  
Don't get me wrong, I like dogs too. But when we first moved in together, the boyfriend and I decided to get a couple cats to come home to (as if we weren't enough for each other) and dogs just aren't practical for a New York apartment and lifestyle. Anyway, we love the little rascals. Their names are Socks and Fiona.
Today I'm letting you glimpse into the life of Socks. She's lying on her back on my lap as I attempt to type this, and she's snoring. This cat is ridiculous yet totally makes my day. She is always in everything. Everything! And I have about a gagillion pictures to prove it. Today's theme is the desk. It turns out that training a cat to not do something is quite a futile effort. 

But it's cool. I've come to grips with it. I've also invested in lint rollers