Organize, organize, organize!!!

Is there something in the air? Am I just too hyped up on coffee? Why do I feel the need to organize and clean everything in sight? So this weekend, along with the curtains and windows, I felt the need to organize and take stock of my yarn collection. Oy.

In my ridiculous stash of "random things that can't go into the trash" I found an address book. An address book. Do you even remember what one looks like? Yeah, me neither. So if you need a refresher, here it is:

I think I purchased this at a Hallmark store in the mid 90's - thus the ridiculous cover and color scheme.  And the fact it has seen it's way through college and, um like, 6 different moves is baffling to me. I might recover it with some sort of fabric, but we'll see how ambitious I'm feeling....
Anyway, I cut up white card stock that was laying around into quarters, made a quick hole template and punched holes through all of the sheets:

 Then I took all of my yarn, made 6 strand samples of it and wrote down everything I knew about the fiber onto the cards, including random notes like the EPI pre and post scour (yikes!). Since I really didn't want to precisely cut and affix sticky labels, I took the lazy way out and flipped the dividers over, labeling them with basic categories: cellulose, cellulose blends, proteins, protein blends, synthetics, etc:

When I was done, I thought, "When am I ever going to use this? Was I just procrastinating?" But over the course of the weekend, I've actually referenced it several times. And it's been quite helpful. Score one for me!