Love Letter 1/4

Dear First (Loom) Love,

We have been through so much. You were my first and it was so awkward those first years. No offense, you have some strange quirks. But I learned how to work you like a pro, and we settled into an excellent rhythm.

Then I met another. And - oh the elation! I didn't know I could feel this way. Hard strong wood, the smooth stroke of a beater, straight even selvedges, a proper drum brake. It felt like cheating.

I know you're not supposed to try to fix a loved one. But I cannot imagine living without you. And you have such a good core underneath that outer layer! You will be transformed. I have a feeling it will give us a second chance. See you post restoration.



Level Up!

When my significant other left for a work trip, he is gone for a such a long time I decided to rearrange my loom. It now sits right in front of the window so I can get a little more sun and enjoy the view. Except I found out what it means when your loom isn't level! Your beater doesn't beat in a straight line!


Unfortunately, I was so in the zone I missed this and part of my fabric is total junk. I guess I also found out our apartment is quite slanted. Wasn't there a How I Met Your Mother episode about this?!?