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Finishing Repertoire, Part 2....

Do you remember the oddly colored "easter egg scarf" I completed over the summer? I decided it was time to overdye it, except when I dug it out of my "completed" box I realized it wasn't quite completed and I hadn't finished the edges. This seems to be the story of my life.

If something needs to be dyed post weaving, make sure the edges are finished how you need, no matter what. This might seem rather obvious, but I've heard many a horror stories about tangled edges that got the axe for this oversight.

Anyway, I again turned to this awesome finishing book I referenced before and tried the woven Philippine edge.

I am seriously in love with this edging. How gorgeous. So sleek and simple. Not to mention it doesn't take a long time to complete.

Finishing Repertoire

In efforts to expand my finishing technique repertoire, I have been raiding the New York Public Library for macramé books. You'd be surprised at a.) how few there are and b.) the length of the waiting list to check one out. Jeesh. 
In the mean time, I did find this awesome book which will remind you of all the friendship bracelets that you might have made as a child. The other is this finishing book, which has many techniques across several genres (weaving, knitting, crocheting etc) that has also been helpful. 
If anyone has any other suggestions, I'm all ears!
In the meantime, I have a bin full of stuff I've woven that I've never finished. Which is terrible since finishing can really make or break your piece. And maybe that's why I'm putting off finishing - since I sometimes can't make a decision and it matters so much!  
Undulating Twill in Alpaca/Silk
First row is a simple square knot
Then knotted two sections to make a chunkier tassel!