Amazon, wha?

I'm a little obsessed with my Kindle. It has turned me into a voracious reader. Or at least more so than before. My boyfriend likes to joke about how he didn't think I read at all before I got my Kindle.

Either way, I'm excited about the introduction to their new Lending Library. Why, it was only just a month or so ago when the NYPL added Kindle to their list of approved lending/reading devices which turned mine and everyone else's world upside down as could be seen from the amazingly long wait lists. But the addition of this just makes me giddy. Granted you need a prime membership, but I'm pretty sure between my boyfriend and I we either have one or should have one the way we order from Amazon.

With this new introduction, it makes me want to make Kindle cases! I've started a few prototypes, to get the feel for construction and materials....

And in the mean time, check out my Goodreads list!