Sock Yarn Soak Up

I bought this sock yarn last year. It's a wool/nylon blend and I just found out is great for dying. Well, it's great because it soaks up everything you put into the pot. And that's wonderful because I hate wasting dye. But when I say soaks up everything, I mean that it soaked it up within seconds and I had to dye this particular warp twice just to get the amount of yarn coverage I wanted. It was insane.  

What's also insane is that this particular color is called 'mouse gray'. I don't see anything about it that says mouse. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen a purple-ish mouse, right? Maybe that's what they're like out in the country, but all the mice and rats I've ever seen in this rat-infested city are more of a gray-brown.

How gorgeous is that? I love the affect when it gets warped onto the loom, with all of its variation. The hope is that this will eventually become pillows. Cross your fingers and stay tuned!