Foray into Screen Printing

Last week, I took a screen printing 101 class at the Gowanus Print Lab. I have wanted to get into screen printing for a while, and low and behold - a Groupon of all things presented itself last June. 
Yes, I took an art class because of Groupon. And I hadn't taken the class 6 months after I purchased the damn thing. (I know, they're expecting you to let those things expire so they can cash in on you, but I'm so anal about my money I was able to take the last class before it expired.) 
Everyone in this particular session was a graphic designer (no surprise) and everyone had brought something to print. I was the only person, out of 10 or so who hadn't brought anything and didn't even have anything in mind. Ha! Talk about funny. Who goes to a print class unprepared, without an idea of what to print? This girl!

They gave me transparencies and black paint markers and said have fun! I had to think quickly. I looked through the transparency to the oak table it was lying on. Ah-ha! Texture from the wood table. Can't get much better than that. 

I was going to There's something that's reminiscent of Charlie Brown in this shirt.

I wanted to see what would happen around the collar. There's a little bit of ghosting, but I found it interesting.

I would highly suggest this class for any beginner and novice. My teacher, Zeb, was especially cool and soooooo laid back. Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable. The main reason I wanted to take this is to learn how to print on my weavings, and when I asked about that he had several different tactics as to how I to go about it. Very knowledgeable people.

And as for my next printing project, I think I might try hand towels!