Undulating Twill...

Undulating twill is a great weave structure that gives a little visual interest to something that otherwise might look flat. Usually I use it with solid colored yarn because the weave structure is so interesting that it will take precedence over the color. This time around, I wove up a grey version of my favorite undulating twill pattern for a scarf. But the grey was felling a little dull, so I decided to spice it up a bit.Β 

A huge part of the fascination of dyeing is noticing what colors are leached into the fiber and in what order. (More on that soon! I have some really awesome ideas in the works based on this concept.)Β 
The fact that the blue leaches into the fiber last gives this one an interesting dynamic: you can see the blue at the edge and the red is deepest on the outmost layer of fuzz, best seen here: