Supply frustration

The last week has left me frustrated beyond belief. I went to dye a bunch of felt to find that I was mostly out of the color I wanted. Although it didn't matter because I was out of felt. What the eff?

So I went through and did a little inventory check and went on a supply ordering binge. I was a happy little bunny after that. Or so I thought. I then realized I forgot to add things to some of my orders. Grrr.
Via Dharma Trading

Talk about adding salt to the wound! When ordering ready-to-dye supplies, I could haveΒ swornΒ I had included some doggie hoodies. Yeah, go ahead make fun. EXCEPT EVERYONE LOVES THEM. Who can resist a dog in a hoody? It's ridiculous. Ridiculously cute, that is.

Guess I have to go make another order.... Rough! Ruf.