Painted Warp Technique

As with many weaving processes, the painted warp technique requires patience. It is composed of several steps some of which require waiting for things to air dry. Ultimately, the warp is put on the loom and then painted. Once dried, it is threaded back onto the loom and woven into cloth. 


Ikat (Resist dyed warp)

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Ikat is a resist technique applied to the warp of a fabric before it is woven. Before the warp is put onto the loom, the threads are hand wrapped in sections then dyed. Where the thread is wrapped, the dye does not set in thus creating a pattern.


Woven Shibori

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Woven shibori sounds complicated, but is in fact quite easy to achieve once the loom is prepared. Nui shibori is defined as working a thread into a textile (either hand sewn, machine sewn, or woven in, in this case) and then pulled to create places of resist. The places where the fabric is bound tightly will take little to no dye. For you weavers out there, the treadling or threading sequences are used to create intricate patterns of resist. Or it can be totally random for a more irregular look.